About the Gym at SAB Fitness

About the Gym at SAB Fitness

About the Gym at SAB Fitness

Our Gym

Here at SAB Fitness, we use one of the leading brands of gym equipment, Life Fitness, often found in many of the bigger, well-known gyms. Our cardio machines, naturally, include all the popular items such as the treadmill, cross-trainer, Concept rowing machine, upright bike and recumbent bike.

Our gym equipment is mainly designed for functional training, as we predominately have free weights that can be used for mainly compound training, this is beneficial for hitting more muscle groups, so you get more out of your workout, rather than isolating one at a time, though this can still be achieved using any of the following equipment we have here at SAB Fitness; dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, barbells, TRX, stability balls, slam balls, medicine balls to name just a few, will help your training sessions feel more fun.

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Gym Equipment

Cable Machine

We also have a cable machine, used for training the entire body which has its own helpful booklet explaining all the exercises you can do whether you are targeting the upper, lower body or core areas. If you need ideas this will be a great advantage if you are working out on your own. It also, indicates which muscle groups your targeting, so you?ll know what should be working and where.

Leg curl bench

We have a leg curl bench targeting the hamstrings, backs of the legs and leg extension bench, targeting the quadriceps and front of the upper thighs. Unlike many of the machines that you find in some other gyms that take time to adjust before you can use them, This one simply requires the plates added, for the required weight, then you either sit or lie down on it and you’re ready to go! It’s that easy. Sit ups can also be performed on this machine as well and because your feet are supported using the pads, you will find you’ll get more of a workout for your abs and core then doing them on the floor.

Squat rack, benches, boxing bag

There’s a squat rack, multiple benches and a boxing bag here with gloves and mitts. All designed with the aim of maximising your workout session, helping you get fit and de-stressing.

SAB Gym equipment - www.sabfitness.co.uk
SAB Gym equipment - www.sabfitness.co.uk

Gym Facilites

Showers, gel and fresh towels

Our gym has fully stocked shower facilities and we provide the shower gel and fresh towels to make life easier so that all you need to do is bring your change of clothing.


We have lockers to store your belongings whilst you are training and a water-cooling machine so you can keep hydrated during your workout.

Friendly & relaxed

Our gym has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which will make training so much more personal and fun. Most gyms can be a nightmare at peak times – trying to find space to train or finding a vacant machine. I can assure you, that this will NEVER happen here at SAB Fitness. We are a private gym, NOT a franchise. Our aim is to give outstanding value for money and customer service and be the gym that’s different to all the rest.

24/7 motivation

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as we have a fob system giving you the freedom to train at a time that suits you.

Our quotes wall will keep you motivated!

We have Personal Trainers here with only one intention- to help you with any advice that you might need to achieve your personal training fitness goals. They are not here to hard sell personal training sessions but are more than happy to discuss these with you if you are interested.

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